Diamonds are formed 100 miles underground through tremendous heat and pressure.  Much in the same manner, some of the music industry’s greatest producers got their start cultivating their sound in the hot, damp basements of their homes.  Before music stalwarts such as Dr. Dre, the Neptunes, Timbaland, and Stargate became recognized around the world for their musical talents, they were hidden gems awaiting their moment to shine.

In order to find music’s newest gems, you must travel to a city known by many simply as the “Tre-Fo.”  Team DaCapo is a music production and songwriting duo that hails from Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  The team consists of brothers, J.R. “Hollywood” McSwain and Travis “T.R. Mac” McSwain.  These up-and-coming producers are poised to emerge as forces in today’s Hip-Hop and Pop music scenes.

For both brothers, the love for music was engrained into them at an early age.  Walk through the McSwain home back in the day, and you were guaranteed to hear an eclectic collection of songs blaring out of the living room stereo speakers.  Not only were the brothers exposed to such soul and funk artists as Curtis Mayfield and James Brown, they were also introduced to the sounds of the Eagles and Elton John.   Their first taste of actual music production came in high school when they took an electronic music class.  Both brothers went on to graduate from Hampton University then later decided to come together and form the production team.

In forming Team DaCapo, both T.R. Mac and Hollywood bring their own unique styles to the production process.  For Hollywood, the older of the two, it’s his blend of infectious, up-tempo melodies and funk riffs while T.R. Mac brings a synth laden, sample-based production style over hard hitting drums.  Their differing approach to production allows the duo to create masterful records across the entire musical spectrum.  The brothers are capable of churning out songs for artists ranging from Rick Ross to Lady Gaga.

In addition to their production abilities, the brothers have honed their craft to become gifted songwriters.  The duo has stressed that they want to be known for more than just making beats.  Hollywood explains, “We feel like our ability to write a great chorus and write a great verse separates us from the majority of other producers.”  T.R Mac adds, “We don’t want to make great beats.  Our mission is to make great songs.”

One-half of the team has also begun to show his worth in another area as well.  When T.R. Mac isn’t producing or writing songs, he is displaying his skills as an emcee.  His song, “I Got Work” has been creating a seismic buzz in the Hip-Hop atmosphere.  The song is featured on his mixtape entitled, “The Dopest Mixtape Ever in Life.”  With all tracks produced, penned and performed by T.R. Mac, this mixtape is sure to prove to the world that three-headed monsters do exist in the music industry.

Whether it’s their thumping Hip-Hop tracks or their “get-up and dance” Pop hits, Team DaCapo’s music continues to mount enormous interest from music industry personnel and music lovers alike.  In a time when music sales are down and songs just don’t seem to create the same feeling as it once did, Team DaCapo is a breath of fresh air to the industry.  With so much talent and a work ethic to match, these brothers are destined to shine bright for many years to come.